A future MP shows his colours

Compliance guru Branko Bjelobaba (above) was spotted recently at the Proms by The Guardian’s Safraz Manzoor. Manzoor’s eye was caught by Bjelobaba’s rather distinctive shirt, emblazoned with a Union flag.

Manzoor writes of his encounter: “During the interval I talk to a man wearing a shirt with a Union flag pattern. His name is Branko Bjelobaba. ‘Serbian ancestry,’ he explains. ‘Do you wear this shirt often?’ I ask. ‘No, only here,’ he says. ‘What other night do Brits get a chance to sing the national anthem or fly the Union flag? They don’t even do it at the Tory conference any more’.”

Bjelobaba harbours political ambitions. With Labour looking increasingly likely to suffer a crushing defeat at the next general election, perhaps he will succeed.