Premium finance provider Transamerica Insurance Finance (TIFCO) has launched an online client tracking service for brokers following a successful pilot earlier this year.

The system – TIFCOnnect – transmits customised reports using a secure extranet link for tracking the progress of client's account payments. The pilot involved TIFCO club brokers but the system has now available to all TIFCO brokers.

It is equipped to provide brokers with a summary of their client's accounts, enabling them to review account details, the amount financed in each case and funding dates when finance is advanced.

Brokers need a confidential password and identification number to gain access to the system on a view-by-user only basis. A TIFCO spokesman said the system had been warmly received by brokers taking part in the pilot.

The launch of TIFCOnnect follows the introduction of TIFCO's Broker Access facility. This allows brokers to book deals via EDI and to run an analysis of client cash flow to demonstrate the savings from premium financing.