I read with interest the recent letter from

AF Insurance Brokers (26 August, Insurance Times), in which Steve Putman raises the issue about callers being hoodwinked by some insurance companies who use the 0870 system.

His understanding is that 0870 numbers are charged at local call rates, when they are actually national call rate numbers.

As a result of broker feedback, saying they have to pay high call rates to phone insurers, NIG Personal Lines and Finsure (NIG's premium finance subsidiary), moved from national call rate numbers and introduced new 'local rate' (0845) telephone numbers earlier this year.

These changes now allow brokers to benefit from lower call costs to NIG.

Brokers were also sent a leaflet that included the new phone number, as well as explaining the fast-track call routing available to them.

This function also enables brokers to interrupt the recording at any time and select the appropriate option.

This local rate facility answers the concerns of brokers like Steve Putman and has been well received by the market.

Stuart Lanham
Head of operations, personal lines

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