Ansvar has updated its Church Connect policy for the needs of the modern clergy.

Cover has been improved for both buildings and contents. Key additions have also been added to other sections.

Head of operations Mark Ingram said typical activities today might include mission, social welfare and activities away from the church.

“Church officials, including voluntary workers, all require adequate protection. Any contact with members of the public has a potential risk of litigation,” he said.

Buildings cover includes:

  • accidental breakage of fixed glass (stained glass up to £10,000)
  • capital additions (£100,000)
  • damage to grounds caused by emergency services
  • headstones and monuments (making safe – up to £1,000)
  • theft of external metalwork (£25,000)
  • bequeathed property (£100,000)

    Contents cover includes:

  • additional contents acquired (10%)
  • frozen foods (£1,000)
  • fund-raising events (£5,000)
  • lock replacement (£1,000)
  • personal effects (including musical instruments – £500)
  • personally owned office equipment (£5,000)
  • ministers' books (£2,500)
  • temporarily removed contents and documents (£1,000)

    The All Risks policy also has an additional option to cover unspecified items anywhere in the British Isles. There is a higher limit (up to £3,500) for money. Personal accident has higher capital limits of up to £10,000 and weekly limits of £100 per week. Liabilities cover has a new publishers' indemnity relating to official church publications up to £100,000, and new pastoral care to cover negligence when offering ‘non-professional' advice (up to £100,000 for financial loss which is extended to £5m for injury to the public or their property).

    Finally, legal expenses has been improved with tax protection.

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