Technology provider Cognisco is set to unveil its employee testing system to insurers.

Cognisco Series 300 is a programme that uses psychology to test employees' understanding of any subject.

It can identify which employees do not meet the requisite standards and will then produce an individual training programme for the member of staff.

The fool-proof tests can even highlight whether the employee is guessing or randomising answers, by looking for combinations of correct answers.

It can then address what employees do not understand about their job and produce bespoke training for individuals.

Cognisco chief executive Scott Sharp said: "What the system does is effectively a brain scan.

"It produces a spider chart from answers and can calculate what you don't know and deliver a course to remedy this in half a second, all via the internet."

He added: "The system can even work out at what time you will forget what you have learned and send another course one week beforehand."

The system took a team of engineers, psychologists and training experts six years and more than £3m to build.