BrokerASSESS is an online learning system giving training managers a flexible and comprehensive tool to continually assess and analyse staff performance

The MOT questions in this supplement are taken from Broker ASSESS an internet-based solution from the CII and Biba to help brokers and intermediaries meet their regulatory obligations for training and competence.

BrokerASSESS offers a comprehensive and co-ordinated range of online learning, assessment and reporting tools that have been specifically designed for the insurance broking profession.

Main activities in BrokerASSESS

- Objective measurement of employees' knowledge and understanding

- Identification of knowledge gaps

- Deployment of technical learning (through interactive learning and case studies)

- Provision of a formal assessment system for the individual and organisational group

- Recording and reporting of all learning and assessment activity by individual and organisational group.

An extensive bank of questions in a multiple choice format focused on broking and insurance principles and practice (see InsuranceASSESS) has been built up, contained within a knowledge assessment system. The question banks are segmented into subject areas that include topics such as legal and regulatory issues, market practice and technical cover aspects for both personal and commercial lines.

Assessments are designed by the firm's administrator-level users, giving the firm control over what is assessed, when it is assessed and what the pass mark will be. The assessment specification is controlled by the administrator, who is able to pull questions from relevant sections of the question bank. This enables staff performance to be analysed and reports provided that pinpoint areas that need to be addressed.

Managers are therefore able to apply resources as required and implement an effective learning and training culture in the organisation.

Ongoing measurement of results allows competence to be maintained and revised where necessary. The reporting facility has been designed so that it can be used as evidence for regulatory compliance purposes and is one of the underlying strengths of the ASSESS range. Brokers in particular have commented that having a ready-made reporting regime has saved considerable time and expense.

One of the foremost additional features of BrokerASSESS is the suite of broker-specific case studies. There are currently 50 case studies in BrokerASSESS, with more in progress. The case studies are designed to bring key learning points to life by presenting them in the context of real business situations facing brokers.

Users are presented with a number of 'what happens next?' scenarios within the case studies. They then receive feedback on their selection as they progress through the case study. By using the case study format, questions can be raised, knowledge, understanding and, to an extent, application tested in a way that is not possible without scenario-based learning.

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