Direct travel writer Club Direct is running a 10% discount promotion to boost take-up of insurance against accidents on fly-drive holidays in the US and Canada.

The discount will run from August 22 until the end of September.

Club Direct estimates there are about 500,000 fly-drive trips to North America every year but only half of these have adequate insurance cover.

Litigation in the US and Canada is both common and expensive with the courts often awarding substantial damages.

“Many take only the minimum required by US or Canadian law, which leaves them wide open to substantial claims for damages if they have an accident and someone is injured,” said managing director Brent Escott.

“The total cost can easily be more than the entire value of their home or possessions, yet most people have no idea that they are uninsured until it is too late.”

With the 10% discount, full cover from Club Direct for a two-week fly-drive holiday costs £56.70 for loss and damage and £52.92 for third-party liability – a total of £109.62.

To link in with the fly-drive promotion, Club Direct is also offering 10% off the price of travel insurance to North America.