Huw Evans, ABI

Customers of UK insurance companies should avoid making hasty decisions about their financial matters in the wake of the UK Brexit vote, according to the ABI.

“Customers should remember we remain part of the EU until the process of leaving is complete and they should therefore avoid hasty decisions about their financial matters,” said ABI director general Huw Evans (pictured).

“The UK insurance and long-term savings industry is strong and built to protect customers from market uncertainty and shocks. For the UK Government, it will be important now to focus on ensuring the UK remains a globally competitive place to do business with the best possible future trading network with the EU and the wider world.”

The ABI had come out against Brexit.

Before the vote, Evans said: “In the UK, the real political uncertainty for our sector comes from the dual and interconnected possibility that the UK could leave the EU and that the UK could dissolve if Scotland voted to become independent.”