Crazy claims, crazy claimants.

Backchat has been hunting for some of the strangest insurance claims. Here are some of the weirdest, courtesy of Virgin Media.

A Surrey family returned from holiday to find their driveway had been stolen. Thieves had taken the expensive paving brick by brick, leaving a muddy dirt track.

A man claimed damages for removal of his appendix while on holiday in Cyprus. The insurers were about to pay when investigators discovered he had made 17 previous claims for the same operation.

Insurers paid out on a claim submitted by a holidaymaker who walked into a bus stop, breaking his nose, after being distracted by the sight of bikini clad women in Athens.

A successful claim was also made by some holidaymakers in Devon who buried their camcorder in the sand to prevent it from being stolen while they went swimming, only to find they could not remember where they put it.