A job prospects survey reveals a mini-boom in the insurance sector, with a third of employers planning to increase staff over the next three months.

But the job take-up in the insurance sector will fall bellow the national average rise, and 13% of employers within the insurance sector expect to cut staff numbers.

Manpower has undertaken the survey every quarter for more than 30 years.

A spokesperson commented: “The forecast is just behind the current national average, but with most sectors showing growth and insurance remaining relatively static, the sector has slipped in the league table, for

the past year as a whole.”

Overall, the forecasts look bright for job recruitment within the UK, with 29% of employers planning to recruit for the coming quarter.

For the first time in the third quarter since 1989, Manpower's job prospects league table sees finance receiving a boost and moving ahead of the national average.

Public sector, building and health also emerge from low positions to the top six of the 19 sectors monitored in the survey. Yorkshire, Humberside and the West hold the top regional positions, with Scotland and South Wales showing the biggest gains.