Travellers with a disability or pre-existing medical condition can benefit from a specially designed package of travel insurance.

AllClear Plus is the first product to be launched by Bishopscourt Group Insurance Services, the new trading name of affinity insurer Membership Services Direct.

Pre-existing medical conditions can increase the difficulty of obtaining satisfactory travel insurance.

People with a disability may not have a medical problem as such, but standard policies often fail to take account of their needs.

AllClear Plus addresses these issues by offering a comprehensive package of cover that includes serious illnesses such as HIV and cancer. There are no age limits and in most cases a doctor's certificate is not required.

Cover includes the usual protection for lost baggage, money, missed departure and delay. The policy also provides reimbursement for medical and hospital expenses up to £5m, flying home costs, and cancellation and curtailment protection.

A full UK medical examination is available after policyholders have had surgery while abroad.

Carer's benefits and special cover for items such as mobility aids, medication and spectacles are part of the package.

Examples of premiums for an average holiday are: £20 for a wheelchair-bound 40-year-old man and £183 for a 45-year-old man with a history of three heart attacks.

Milton-Keynes-based BGI was formed from the merger of MSD's book of 4m policyholders and Arc Insurance's business acquired from AGF.

Lawrence Law, director of BGI, said: “Our role is to provide bespoke insurance services to a growing number of private clients who value personal attention. In almost all cases, we will be able to quote a premium, even where the holiday-maker has a very serious illness.”