Insurecom will unveil this week its new suite of products aimed at addressing both the broker's technological and FSA compliance needs.

A range of products has been launched under the brand agencyPlus to cover all aspects of the broker's working life, from rating engines to FSA returns.

Insurecom chief executive Phillip Walter said this launch was the culmination of two years' work and a multi-million pound investment by the company.

"We are no longer in the broker software game.

"We have spent the past year sending out mixed signals to the market on Imarket products and e-quote systems as a smokescreen.

"This product is Microsoft Vista native. It also works on XP and complies with the full gamut of FSA rules.

"It is the only true rich client application in the market."

Walter said the most attractive part of agencyPlus was price. For example, its eRating product, which offers rating and data capture screen facilities, will cost £890.