Premium finance house Prompt is extending its web facility, iPrompt, to cover personal as well as commercial lines business.

More than 250 brokers have signed up for the facility since its launch in June 2000.

With the relaunch, security for the online link has been improved to cater to the needs of the personal lines market, which differs from the commercial market.

The site provides comprehensive online management information covering cash-flow projections and current turnover.

The information provided includes 12 months of bordereau and overrider statements. The amounts paid are summarised by date, allowing each statement to be further interrogated on a line-by-line basis for loan detail.

Brokers can access their yearly turnover and the latest months' figures available for new business, arrears and cancellations.

The facility also gives access to client loan portfolio details for all existing and historic businesses.

New business, adjustments and renewals, can be also be carried out online.