A last-minute fear of exploding breasts prompted Ladyboy Poh to arrange for his/her own implants to be insured for £300,000.

Poh, star of the Ladyboys of Bangkok, was at the airport preparing to fly to Edinburgh when his/her fear set in. He/she had never flown before.

Bristol-based Torribles Insurance Brokers, specialists in film production, animation, firework, paintball, events and performers insurance, came to the rescue. Managing director, Matthew Torrible, took a desperate phone call at his home on Sunday, the night of the flight, and quickly arranged insurance for the pair of breasts.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok, a group of 15 Thais, were on their way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where they began performing cabaret-acts on August 4 and will be performing every night until the end of the festival.

The population of Edinburgh is expected to double over the next few weeks, thanks to huge crowds attending the popular international festival which ends on August 28.