I read with horror your suggestion that when repositioning a company in the market, PR success is measured in champagne (Backchat, 26 May).

Insurance is no different from any other industry in that successful firms must be in tune with their environment, spotting opportunities that arise and responding to market forces quickly.

Repositioning a company to achieve this, as per esure, involves developing the service offering, optimising all departments for delivery and, crucially, ensuring that both employees and customers come on the journey with you.

Effective internal and external communications (yes, that is what PR is about) are essential to the successful repositioning of esure and any other company. Managing the organisation's reputation and brand through times of change can make or break it.

So, while copious amounts of champagne may draw attention to a change in direction, no amount of pomp and ceremony will disguise a damp squib.

Without a robust communications programme driven by intelligent insights and stringent planning, the hangover will continue long after any announcement. I suppose for esure we will have to 'watch this space'.

Julian Kynaston