Goodfellows' new DisabilitySAFE product has come at a time when a disabled individual with a family can expect to receive only £134 in taxable government benefit a week.

Managing director Simon Burgess said 1.8 million people in the UK had been unable to work for the past year and 2,900 people started claiming disability benefit every day.

“In addition, the government's welfare reform proposals suggest that, in future, people should rely on insurance cover rather than the state,” Burgess said.

He said it was difficult for a disabled individual, with a spouse and two children, to support their family on social security.

DisabilitySAFE, underwritten by a panel of insurers including Lloyd's, provides income protection and cover against permanent disability.

Cover is available on an individual or group basis for up to £1m per person after a deferred period of up to 26 weeks. It is available for all occupations, including very high risk jobs such as scaffolding, without the need for medical underwriting.