The partnership supports a greener method of transport

Allianz Partners UK has entered the bicycle insurance market.

The insurer has partnered with specialist cycle insurance firm Yellow Jersey, which is part of the Plan Group - Allianz Partners will now provide underwriting services for Yellow Jersey’s bicycle insurance offering.

The bicycle insurance policy will cover both the cyclist and equipment in the UK and abroad.

Under the new contract, Yellow Jersey will use its specialist knowledge of the cycling market to handle claims administration, marketing and customer service.

The partnership compliments the specialist sports travel scheme that Allianz Partners UK and Yellow Jersey already share.

Perfect partner 

Ben Massingham, head of corporate at Allianz Partners UK, said: “As a forward-looking business, we continually seek opportunities to enter new markets, and are delighted that this partnership with Yellow Jersey will allow us to work collaboratively to bring new and innovative solutions to support the cycling community.”

He said that Yellow Jersey is the “perfect partner” as it shares the B2B2C specialist’s customer-centric focus.

“When considering new partnerships, it is vital to Allianz Partners that the businesses we work with share our customer-centric focus, always seeking to do what’s best for the customer, Massingham said. ”Yellow Jersey is the perfect partner in this sense because it is an expert in the market that understands the requirements of the cycling community in detail.

“When we met with Yellow Jersey, we were immediately impressed with its specialist knowledge and the way it always puts the customer first. From then on, we knew the Yellow Jersey claims administration would be a great fit alongside the Allianz Partners UK underwriting expertise as we grow and learn together.”

Yellow Jersey has three levels of cover available on its website, for both annual and short-term policies:

  1. Essentials: Designed for individuals and families who enjoy cycling mainly as a leisure activity, or for daily errands and commutes within the UK.
  2. Performance: Designed for the enthusiastic cyclist. This package is aimed at riders who enter events and ride mid-range bikes and who perhaps own more than one bike. Cover extends to the European Union (EU).
  3. Ultimate: Designed for cyclists that compete regularly in the UK and abroad in triathlons or mountain bike races. Cover extends worldwide.

Tom McMorrin, business development manager at Yellow Jersey, added: “When we sought a new provider for our bicycle insurance, Allianz Partners was the obvious choice.

”We can now provide our customers insurance with the highest level of security, as well as complete peace of mind knowing they are looked after by a customer-centric company.

“By utilising the Allianz Partners underwriting expertise to strengthen our own specialist market insight and claims management, this new partnership is a perfect fit for us, and most importantly, our customers.”