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Government support for self-employed hit by Covid-19 brings relief to insurers

The chancellor of exchequer’s new financial measures for the self-employed may come as a relief to some, but what about those that do not meet the eligibility criteria?

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What are the insurance implications for coronavirus-related nursery closures?

PIB Group says ‘insurer exposure could mount up fast’ as vast numbers of nurseries close their doors during the Covid-19 outbreak

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Brokers need to beware ‘breach of duty’ risks arising from Covid-19 impacts

Law firm Plexus Law advises brokers to ‘pay attention in this changing market’

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Big Question April 2020: Are insurers right to refuse coronavirus business interruption cover?

Coronavirus cases are mounting daily, the death toll is rising and airlines like Flybe as well as retailer Laura Ashley are filing for administration as sales take a nosedive. Many businesses are going into lock down to contain the spread of the virus and protect their staff, but are insurers ...