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Fraud Charter: Prevention is always better than cure

Educating consumers to stop seeing insurance as a grudge purchase would go some way to cutting fraud. But so too might be pointing out the consequences of a conviction


Briefing: Who are the other players suffering like Saga on renewals?

There surely has to be other players who have an older book that needs an overhaul 


How bots and automation could offer greater efficiency for claims handlers

The amount of data to process has always been a problem for insurers. Could AXA’s Harry, Bert and Lenny be the answer?


Insurance Times survey reveals consumer support for FCA proposals on new metrics

An Insurance Times commissioned survey has revealed an appetite for knowledge of an insurer’s claims data


​Could a bad Brexit spike business claims?

The ABI warned that failure to agree a deal would only add further uncertainty to both the insurance industry and its customers

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Will the Civil Liability Act succeed where others have failed?

Insurers and brokers should expect a big surge in claims ahead of the latest round of whiplash reforms and, once the new portal comes into place, prognosis shift and an attempt by CMCs to reposition themselves


Case study: Insuring and repairing a 17th Century house after near-total devastation

Cholderton House was built shortly after the Great Fire of London, but tragedy struck in 2012. With the help of Ecclesiastical, the Wessex manor house has returned to its former glory

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Open insurance – the new concept that could better manage data

Insurers accrue large amounts of data and are always looking at cheaper ways to sort and store it such as blockchain, but sharing data could turn traditional methods on its head for the industry as well as presenting opportunities for collaboration

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Cyber Insurance: The anatomy of a claim - part two

The second in a series of case studies taking a look at the complex world of cyber claims with CFC Underwriting’s James Burns

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Insurer for Notre-Dame contractors and artefacts revealed

An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing and potential liabilities are unknown at this stage


MoJ considering enhancing MedCo's remit as part of whiplash reforms

The MoJ published an update to its whiplash reforms plan this morning, and is seeking consultation


FCA to force regular reporting of value measures data by 2021

The regulator published its business plan for general insurance this morning


Insurer obsession with claims tables could disrupt fraud battle - Horwich Farrelly

The law firm thinks insurers could get caught up with their claims rates, thus stopping them from properly interrupting fraud

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