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Claims Analysis

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Briefing: The winners and losers from the FCA’s pricing ban

FCA price walking ban impact on customer, insurers, brokers and aggregators

balance sheet

Policyholders need to home in on balance sheets to take advantage of test case verdict

Although claims preparations can now go ‘full steam ahead’ following the publication of the High Court’s ruling, projected profits and losses must be considered for quantum purposes


FCA called out as ‘shining example of regulatory intervention’ for test case action

Despite being celebrated as a policyholder victory, many legal professionals feel this reaction to the test case verdict could be ‘premature’ as the likelihood of an appeal from insurers still looms large

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BI test case decision is ‘conclusive judgment in favour of policyholders’

Industry expert says the verdict is ‘no surprise’, however the industry is ‘nowhere near the finishing line’ as insurers now need to reassess their business interruption policy wordings