Axa Retail boss set to discuss the insurance sector’s digitalisation journey at industry-leading conference

Tara Foley, chief executive of Axa Retail, will tell delegates at Insurance Times’ one-day BrokerFest 2022 conference this week that digitalisation has “a huge role to play” in reimagining the future of insurance and creating a “personalised”, “trusted” and “sustainable” sector.

Following a welcome address from Insurance Times editor Katie Scott, Foley will deliver the opening keynote presentation at BrokerFest 2022, which will be held on Thursday 16 June at Etc.venues St Paul’s.

Her session, entitled The unfinished business of digitalisation in the insurance industry, will explain how “we, as the insurance industry, have a huge role to play in helping our customers and in helping society in general move through [digitalisation]”, she explained.

Foley believes that the scale of the insurance industry means it has “a huge part” to play in getting digitalisation “right” and helping to “reimagine the future of insurance” to be “much more personalised, sustainable, trusted, preventative – not just post the event – and connected”.

Future of insurance

However, there are a raft of industry themes that are continuing to impact the insurance sector’s digitalisation and futureproofing journey.

For Foley, these include customer expectations, responsible business models, digital adoption, hybrid working and the cost of living crisis, to name a few.

In her session, Foley will unpick these drivers affecting sector-wide digitalisation, as well as provide case studies from Axa – for example, talking through the insurer’s own journey to digitise its customer proposition and highlighting how the firm helped to support customers following the storms that hit the UK in February 2022.

She said: “It’s a massively exciting time to be a part of this industry and this industry has a huge role to play in shaping the future for the next generation.”

For more information on attending BrokerFest 2022, featuring Insurance2025, click here. Brokers are able to attend the conference for free.