The pair hopes to reduce implementation time and costs

Guidewire has teamed up with data analytics and underwriting solution firm Earnix to launch a collaborative solution to fast track insurer’s speed to market for products. 

The pair announced the partnership at the two-day Earnix Conference 2022 in London – held between 13 to 14 September. The partnership will see Earnix joining Guidewire PartnerConnect as a solution partner.

Insurers that want to engage with customers and agents while innovating and growing their businesses efficiently must contend with removing friction from their customer propositions.

This can be achieved by introducing new or improved products, testing pricing changes, improving customer experience or driving efficiency through automation.

Dror Pockard, chief strategy officer at Earnix, said: “By integrating Advanced Product Designer and PolicyCenter from Guidewire with Price-it from Earnix, we will accelerate speed to value by reducing implementation time and costs and accelerate insurers’ speed to market.”

Easier connections

Meanwhile, Eugene Lee, senior vice president and general manager for InsuranceSuite at Guidewire, said: “The API (application processing interface) first approach of Guidewire Cloud has enabled us to create an open platform, making it much easier to connect with other systems and data providers, increasing customer value and adding more data-driven intelligence to our core platform.

“Our partnership with Earnix is a great example of this and we are delighted to welcome them as our newest Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner.”