’In the year ahead, it’s likely that our service will see increasing levels of complaints,’ says chief executive

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is expecting to receive nearly 50,000 insurance complaints during the 24/25 financial year.

Yetserday (4 April 2024), the regulator revealed that it was expecting higher demand in the year ahead, with an anticipated caseload of 210,000 complaints about the financial services industry.

This was a rise from the 181,300 figure that had been anticipated in December 2023 – the increase came after the FOS held discussions with businesses and consumer groups during a consultation.

The FOS said 47,400 of complaints were expected to be insurance-related, with 18,700 projected to be about motor insurance.

Abby Thomas, chief executive and chief ombudsman of the FOS, said: “In the year ahead it’s likely that our service will see increasing levels of complaints, with many of those disputes expected to focus on the critical issues that impact people’s everyday lives.

“The FOS continues to make significant improvements in the service we offer, getting customers decisions more quickly, while maintaining the high quality of our work.”


The regulator has committed to resolve 17% more cases in the year ahead than in 2023/24.

It plans to do this by recruiting more case handlers, continuing investment in the customer and business digital journey, as well as expanding its regional presence in the UK.

This is despite the FOS planning to reduce the cost of its services in 2024/25.

For example, the case fee will drop by £100 per case to £650, while the compulsory and voluntary jurisdiction levy costs to businesses will also be reduced.

”We will be even more ambitious next year, with plans to resolve complaints faster, while also reducing the cost of our service to businesses,” Thomas said.

“With uncertainty around casework levels in the year ahead, we’re building a service which is flexible and agile, allowing us to respond to increased demand across any area of our business.

“Our plans will help ensure that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We want every person who engages with our service to clearly understand the outcome of their case.

“Now more than ever it’s crucial that businesses work with us to improve all customers’ experiences of financial services.”