The Motor Insurers’ Bureau confirms that the online service is ‘85% ready’

The Litigants in Person (LiP) portal, formally called the Official Injury Claim service, is to undergo a third stage of consumer testing in the new year, in preparation for its scheduled launch in April 2021.

Forming part of the Civil Liability Act, which gained Royal Assent in December 2018, the LiP portal plans to enable claimants to process their own personal injury claims online, up to a revised £5,000 limit, without the aid of a solicitor; this is an increase on the previous £1,000 small claim limit.

The latest round of planned testing is scheduled to take place early in the new year, once the portal’s build has been completed and the service has been updated to reflect any changes after the final Pre-Action Protocol and Rules are confirmed.

Next year’s testing will centre around those who may struggle to use the service, covering both the online and offline process – the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), which is building the portal in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), is commissioning independent research consultants with recognised expertise in this area, who will publish the results.

The service has currently undergone two phases of testing since its creation in 2019, analysing the qualitative user experience.

The MIB said that the feedback from this testing has helped to define the look and feel of the service, as well as shape the user experience at each stage of the claims journey.

Furthermore, the MIB has also engaged an independent accessibility consultant, to review the end-to-end service in order to identify enhancements and ensure the service complies with the internationally recognised recommendations for improving website accessibility.

Anna Fleming, chief operating officer at MIB, said: “Over the summer, MIB has worked with the Ministry of Justice to ensure the build delivers against policy. The service is now 85% ready.

“Once the Rules and Protocol are confirmed we can complete the build and it makes sense to test it again with consumers.

“Our goal has always been to deliver a service that is simple, secure and supportive and, as with any government service, it is critical that it is as accessible and inclusive as possible.

“This next phase of testing, focusing on those who might struggle to make a claim independently, will help ensure we achieve this.”