Figures for the last six months show a decline in premiums as fewer journeys made during lockdown

Motor premiums have fallen 2.5% in the last six months as fewer drivers took to the roads during lockdown.

The average premium is now £816, according to research from Consumer Intelligence.

On Tuesday Insurance Times reported that motor insurers are expected to save £4.4bn in claims payouts this year due to a dramatic fall in accidents.

But average premiums over the last 12 months have only seen a 1.1% decline, Consumer Intelligence said, citing price rises prior to the Covid lockdown.

It expected the subdued claims volumes to continue as Covid continues to ravage the country this winter.

Younger drivers were still paying the most for their premiums. The average for under-25s was £1,954, a 1.9% drop for the past 12 months. This figure only declined by 1.4 in the past six months however, whereas 25-49 year-olds saw an average premium fall of 3% for the same period, Consumer Intelligence said.

Overall however, premiums have increased by 21.8% since October 2013, but have fallen by 10% since their peak in September 2017.