This move will help Zego expand and on-board specific broker partners from Bravo Group’s networks 

Insurtech Zego has partnered with Bravo Group’s networks – Broker Network and Compass Networks.

This partnership could help Zego to significantly expand its presence in the broker market as well as offering its fleet products to a wider range of businesses.

The insurtech will have access to a community of over 700 brokers which is more than 60% of the UK independent broking community.

It will allow Zego to on-board specific broker partners across the two networks.

Jaime Swindle, Bravo Group’s managing director of networks and products said: “Usage-based insurance policies have been in existence for some time.

”Client needs are constantly evolving and the demand for flexible insurance for business motor customers has increased significantly with the current climate as these customers adapt to the ‘new normal’.

“At Bravo Group we want our networks’ insurer relationships to allow our brokers to provide their clients with products that are reflective of today’s world, and the partnership with Zego offers a number of innovative solutions to meet these demands.

”We are already seeing members respond well to this new offering and I am excited to see this continue to thrive.”

It follows car usage dramatically changing during the UK’s lockdown, with consumers favouring a more usage-based type of cover. 

Usage-based cover

Meanwhile, Gianluca Uberti, director of enterprise at Zego said: “We believe there are thousands of fleet companies out there which can benefit from our flexible, usage-based insurance products, and by working with Bravo Group and its brokers, we will be able to reach these.”

Zego’s usage-based model allows businesses to better align insurance costs with their workload and cashflow, while paying for a policy that better reflects their risk.

The insurtech was founded in 2016 and provides a wide range of flexible B2B insurance products for fleet businesses and new mobility services, such as private hire, courier and micro mobility businesses.

Last year, it became the first UK insurtech to gain its own insurance licence meaning it can create and sell its own policies.

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