Protection and indemnity club managers must rally against the European Commission's (EC) push for regional maritime legislation, London P&I Club chairman John Lyras has said.

The EC has called for separate European legislation on marine pollution compensation, following the sinking of the tanker Erica off the French coast in December 1999.

Lyras said it was appropriate for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to make changes on an international level, rather than for the EC to act on a European basis.

“The lobbying skills provided by club managers will be vital if this danger is to be avoided,” he said.

“The club considers that the EC should leave any required changes to the compensation regime to be implemented by the IMO at an international level.”

Lyras alerted his members of the issue in the recent edition of the London P&I Club News, which also highlighted problems for mem-bers in the recent Middle Eastern conflict.