Incoming Airmic chairman Alan Fleming has called on risk managers to bin the bunker mentality and work with other risk-facing staff in their organisations.

Launching the official theme for his year in office as The Virtuous Circle of Risk, Fleming demanded that risk managers work with accountants, auditors, health and safety officers, corporate treasurers and others dealing with risks.

“Risk is everyone's problem and opportunity, but a partnership approach with other professional disciplines can result in a solution that is greater than the sum of the parts when each area is operating independently,” he said.

“We need to get rid of the silo mind-set and break down barriers that currently exist in many organisations,” he said, claiming Airmic had already begun building closer links with related professional bodies.

“I envisage a year of dialogue and discussion and a consistent effort to get closer to other professional disciplines to foster a spirit of co-operation and to promote greater understanding of each other's roles and objectives.”

Fleming spoke to almost 100 Airmic members and guests from the risk management, insurance and inter-related professional sectors at the RAC Club last week.