FOS said when insurer fall back on jargon like “misrepresentation” or “fault claim” it can leave people frustrated

Poor communication is one of the main factors that drive car insurance customers to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

In the latest issue of the Ombudsman News the FOS said many of the motor insurance complaints it deals with are similar to the ones it dealt with when it first set up; unpaid claims, fair valuations and the quality of new cars, with poor communication continuing to be an underlying problem.

The Ombudsman added: “In many of the complaints we deal with, we find that businesses have not acted unfairly, but they could have explained things more clearly.

“Falling back on jargon like “misrepresentation” or “fault claim” can leave people feeling confused or frustrated. On the other hand, we often find that by making things more straightforward, people understand – and are more likely to accept – the outcome.

 “This might be as simple as an insurer reassuring their customer that a “fault claim” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being “blamed” for an accident.”