Primary Insurance Group has restructured its operations and tinkered with its brand image.

The insurer, which operates from locations in the UK and around the world, has brought its various group trading entities closer together and pooled resources.

Primary customers will be able to access new product lines and new services.

The rebranding exercise involves slight alterations to the sun and moon logo.

To communicate the brand values of the Primary group at every level, a collection of logos has been designed, allowing the divisions of the Primary organisation to operate under one marque.

This is achieved through the use of different colours for the marque, according to operating division.

Director John Bibby said: “What we have created here is, on the one hand, a stronger brand and a stronger corporate structure which will give even greater reassurance to clients and trading partners.

“On the other hand, we have engineered a means of providing our customers with greater choice and the flexibility to be able to access new markets for their products.”