LINC Prevention Services combines electrical appliance inspections, insurance surveys and prevention training

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RSA has launched a new product to help prevent commercial fire damage in response to research that revealed that more than one in five are caused by preventable electrical faults.

LINC Prevention Services combines a range of essential risk prevention services into one product, including statutory inspections for electrical appliances, insurance surveys and prevention training. Each service can be bought separately or as part of a wider risk prevention offering tailored to the individual business.

RSA specialty business’ head of customer Nigel Raywood said: “Our new LINC prevention service is a natural next step in our risk management offering. It is currently being trialled with a number of household-name retailers and we will be rolling it out further over the course of the year.”

The product also includes a brand new thermographic risk assessment examination, which is unique in the insurance market. This uses heat-activated technology to identify over-heating electrics, which could cause fire and makes recommendations on remedial work that can drastically reduce its likelihood.

It will enable companies to manage their risks and reduce the financial and reputational impact of business interruption, and reduce the cost of property insurance policies held with RSA – either through a premium reduction or a one-off discount.