In a continuing series of reviewing high street business products, independent analayst Defaqto this week compares the features of shop policies from a selection of major insurers

The UK shops market is probably the most keenly fought over in terms of package insurance. Almost every commercial insurer has a core package aimed at shopkeepers, with optional features to suit each type of retailer.

Most policies consist of a core of standard covers, such as trade contents (including glass and money cover) public and employers' liability, and business interruption. Many policies offer cover on an 'all risks' basis as standard. Optional covers are typically available for buildings, frozen food and loss of licence cover. Excesses typically start around £250.

Public liability limits are typically £2m as standard, with most insurers allowing higher limits to be chosen. Limits for money start around £3,000 with Zurich offering as much as £7,500 as a standard limit. Optional higher sums insured are usually available.

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