Loss adjusters Crawfords is launching a fraud validation service that promises to cut claims by 10%.

The service is an industry first after Crawford used 'applied psychology and conversation management' to develop the service.

But it has also borrowed from knowledge and experience learned by Thomas Cook Group in managing travellers cheque fraud.

Using a system called SCORE (Scientific Customer Orientated Risk Evaluation), the objective is to gather a detailed account through the use of conversation management, determining the precise and chronological chain of events relating to the loss.

This is supported by psychological profiling, which is used to identify potential deception through a claimant's behaviour, including their willingness to co-operate and choice of language.

A critical element in this part of the process is collating the caller's own words regarding the report of loss and understanding the exact sequence of events. It is combined with a paper-based process of evidence capture, which includes a time-lined story and an audit trail for any decision taken. It has been designed for motor theft, but can also be used for motor accident, property, healthcare, creditor and liability claims.

Crawford managing director George Moss said: "With insurance fraud a rising trend, costing the industry as much as £600m a year, the result is increased costs upon premium estimated at about 5% per policy."

"Our product is dedicated to the highest levels of customer service, including cases where a suspected fraudster is concerned."