Security industry bosses hope last-ditch talks can avert legal action over a police force's policy of refusing to attend burglar alarms at business premises during daylight hours.

West Midlands police said its officers would only attend suspected break-ins between 6am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday, if they received secondary confirmation of alarm calls.

In July, the High Court, forced West Midlands police to suspend the policy, which it justified on the grounds of conserving resources.

The British Security Industry Association, the group which obtained the injunction, is seeking talks with the force in a bid to head off further legal action.

The talks are scheduled for August 31, but should they fail a spokesman for the BSIA said it will seek a full judicial review of the policy at the High Court.

The BSIA is also conducting negotiations with the Association of Chief Police Officers to introduce a national code on attending alarm calls at business premises.