Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) and large goods vehicle (LGV) mandatory training to be provided by THB Risk Management

THB Group’s risk management company, THB Risk Management Ltd, has been accredited to deliver mandatory driver training courses for passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) and large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers and their operators.

While training is compulsory, drivers and operators can reap rich rewards according to Dave Abbott, THB’s Technical Director. He said: “All the evidence confirms that better trained drivers have less accidents and use less fuel too, resulting in significantly reduced operating costs for their employers and, most importantly, saving lives.”

The new EU regulations mean that every PCV and LGV driver will need to undertake 35 hours of compulsory training over a five year period while passing a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). The rules will come into force for PCV drivers and operators this September and for LGV drivers and operators in September 2009.

Having received early accreditation, THB is developing an approach that not only minimises the cost of the training, but pays back the operators in terms of reduced operating costs.

Abbott added: “The new Driver CPC will soon be a mandatory part of every transport operator’s risk management approach and we are delighted to have gained early accreditation, allowing us to focus on developing the course syllabus and resources required to meet the challenges set by the new legislation.

“There is no doubt that the Directive will pose new challenges to the transport sector at a time when margins are being driven down by fuel prices, taxes and environmental considerations. We believe however, that it will bring real long term benefits, not least to the insurance industry which will see a better approach to risk management from this sector and ultimately, a more favourable claims record.”

THB has been accredited by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT); the body set up between the Go Skills and the Driving Standards Agency to approve and monitor the training regime required as a result of Parliament adopting the regulations set out in the 6th European Directive.

THB Risk Management provides services to a number of insurers, leasing companies and directly to UK and European companies under their own ARM brand and as RAC Risk Management.