Freak winds, scorching summer heat, lightning strikes and driving rain will hit the UK in the coming 80 years, according to a new Association of British Insurers (ABI) report.

The Climate Change report in the ABI's Insurance Trends Quarterly Statistics and Research Review warns insurers will be unable to rely on actuarial tables as the weather became unpredictable, leaving those in high-risk areas without cover.

The report said: “Uncertainty over future climate could lead to difficulty in underwriting, and potentially the non-availability of cover in some instances.

“There could also be large year-on-year fluctuations in premiums to recover losses from earlier years.”

It said significant climate change was a foregone conclusion, caused by the burning of carbon-based fossil fuels and the greenhouse gases that followed.

Increased winter rainfall, coastal and inland flooding, lightning strikes, severe wind storms and extremely hot days are predicted by 2080.

The predicted warmth will also increase life expectancy, affecting life insurance.

“This could have positive implications for pension savings but lead to future reductions in annuity rates,” the report said.

“Longer life expectancy also tends to lead to an increase in the number

of years of ill health, which may increase demand for long-term care.”

ABI director general Mary Francis said climate changes could push up weather damage claims, which cost insurers £861m last year.

“The risk of increased flooding and subsidence, and the general wear and tear on buildings as a result of climate change could push these costs up further,” she said.