Flood restoration firm Munters came to the rescue of the West Yorkshire Playhouse this week after a cleaner accidentally caused thousands of pounds worth of flood damage.

An electrical fire started after the cleaner “accidently knocked something she shouldn't have” , which in turn set off the theatre's sprinklers.

All four floors of the theatre and its stage were flooded and the reserve for the loss has been set at £73,000 by loss adjusters McLarens.

The flooding meant the theatre group had to temporarily stop performing the play Spring and Port Wine while the clean-up operation took place.

“I had nightmares about having to close the theatre but Munters have got on with it and the show has gone on,” said the West Yorkshire Playhouse's director Dan Bates. “The worst thing was that we lost the radio mikes for our Christmas show.” He said Munters' restoration work meant the theatre was able to be used on the same afternoon as the flooding occurred.