Britain's motorists are turning into characters like Harry Enfield's Wayne and Waynetta Slob, according to a new study by Autoglass.

The research found that Britain's motorists eat their way through nearly a billion portions of junk food a month, including enough chocolate bars to circle the M25 150 times.

More than half of those surveyed admitted to eating and drinking while operating a vehicle.

Londoners were the worst car slobs, with two-thirds saying they ate or drank while driving. In East Anglia, 60% of drivers preferred not to eat or drink at all when at the wheel.

Chocolate bars, crisps, canned drinks and burgers were favourite items to consume on the move. Typical on-the-road eaters also admitted to smoking and using mobile phones while driving – distractions that further threatened their control of the vehicle.

Karen Tovey of Autoglass said: “The fast pace and stresses and strains of modern life are driving motorists into bad eating habits, which pose a danger to road users and a threat of long-term damage to the nation's health.”