TV ad dogged by error.

Oh no! The Churchill dog has been muzzled by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The dog has for years been calling on consumers to “challenge Churchill” in its television commercials – and one has done just that after a successful complaint to the advertising watchdog.

In the ad, Churchill is asked if it is possible to make a claim without filling in any forms – to which the dog responds with his customary “Oh, yes”.

But one viewer complained to the authority, saying the insurer’s television ad was misleading because a claim form was sent.

Churchill Insurance said it tried to sort out any claim details over the phone wherever possible, but admitted that about 20% of claimants were sent a form to complete.

The ASA ruled that the advert was misleading, however, and banned it from being broadcast in the same form again.

Churchill apologised and said the claim was used “in error” and it would not be repeated in future TV ads.