JE Leak of Anderson Ashcroft asks when and where motor vehicles are required to have Road Traffic Act (RTA) cover (Letters, 24 February)

Section 192 of the Road Traffic Act [1988] defines a road as "any highway and any other road to which the public has access and includes bridges over which a road passes".

The Motor Vehicle (Compulsory Insurance) Regulations [2000] came into force on 3 April 2000.

This statutory instrument amends the 1988 definition of road to include "other public place" and the accompanying explanatory note clearly states .... "these regulations amend the 1988 Act ... by extending the insurance requirement to the use of vehicles in public places other than roads...'

The full wording can be viewed at

The view we hold, as specialist vehicle brokers, is that each of the individual scenarios listed by JE Leak in his letter certainly require RTA cover as they are "places to which the public have access".

In the event of uncertainty, surely it is in the client's best interest to advise him to have RTA cover in whatever circumstances, especially if there is a possibility of a prosecution or claim.

Traction engines
We have many clients, with vehicles ranging from sit-on model vehicles to full-size traction engines, who take their vehicles on trailers and low loaders to shows and rallies and use them on the show or rally field.

Our scheme arrangements make available RTA cover for vehicles that are not used on the road but are used in places where the public have access.

Mike Millership
Compliance manager
Footman James & Co