Danger, homeworking women ahead.

According to women-only insurance brand Sheilas’ Wheels, women are ditching expensive gyms and exercising in their living rooms.

But all that bouncing around in front of Davina work-out DVDs has its risks, with broken furniture and even injury commonplace. And insurers are probably paying for some of that damage.

According to the survey, 2% of women admit to smashing the TV when working out. And a similar proportion say they damaged fixtures and fittings during exercise.

Sheilas’ Wheels claims the annual cost of this damage is over £20m (a figure that even the hyperbolic Backchat feels is somewhat high). Along with the expected advice to ‘be careful’ when doing it at home, the broker also suggests that when attempting the latest naked yoga craze make sure the curtains are closed. Wise words indeed.