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Consumer Intelligence warns premium hikes could follow FCA pricing report

Consumer Intelligence has warned that premium hikes could follow the proposals that were laid out in the FCA’s pricing practices report which was published yesterday


Lockdown is technology’s ‘moment to shine’ says Insurercore’s founder and MD Peter Clarke

Technology has been crucial during the UK’s lockdown - this has accelerated platform on-boarding and searches for Insurercore, the insurance market’s risk appetite directory, which acts like a ’dating agency’. Its managing director Peter Clarke tells Insurance Times why the Covid-19 pandemic is technology’s ’moment to shine’ and discusses the ...


Kingfisher adopts strong M&A focus as part of business re-brand

A 12-month, multimillion pound transformation and change project has seen Vantage Holdings morph into the newly rebranded Kingfisher Holdings. Insurance Times gets the details from the firm’s group chief executive

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BI test case decision is ‘conclusive judgment in favour of policyholders’

Industry expert says the verdict is ‘no surprise’, however the industry is ‘nowhere near the finishing line’ as insurers now need to reassess their business interruption policy wordings