Acting editor Yiannis Kotoulas takes stock of the past year

Well, what a year that was…

With 2024 fast approaching – or perhaps having even arrived by the time you pick up this issue of Insurance Times, dear reader – it’s worth taking a pause to look back at the remarkable resilience and success of the past year. 

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Yiannis Kotoulas

2023 began amidst dark economic storm clouds and these conditions have remained difficult for the insurance sector throughout the year, with small, hopeful rays of sunlight only now beginning to shine through.

This year also saw the arrival of Consumer Duty, which was the most significant piece of regulation to impact the sector in many years – and created a not-insignificant amount of extra work for the sector. 

But despite the challenges, the insurance industry and those that work within it showed impressive drive and perserverance to overcome any and all headwinds. It was certainly not all sunshine and rainbows, but the sector battled through and – without trying to jinx anything – looks to be in a much more positive place than it did at the end of 2022. 

Celebrating success

Insurance Times is many things to the industry, but December has traditionally seen it play host to the sector’s end of year bash – and this year was no different. 

On 6 December, the industry pulled on its bowties and ballgowns and headed to the Grovesnor for the Insurance Times Awards. This event is an annual celebration of all of the hard work the sector gets stuck into and it was particularly vital this year.

As Insurance Times editor Katie Scott – who will return soon – said in her welcoming speech, rewarding success is all the more important exactly because it motivates more innovation and success. 

Click here to catch up on who won on the night – and click here to try and spot yourself on the dance floor!

But to all of our winners, nominees, judges, attendees, staff and readers – I and the rest of the Insurance Times team wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Now, onto the next one…