Over 100 claims were also connected to the gang in the large fraud against 16 insurers

large fraud against 16 insurers

Five people have been found guilty following the trial of a large-scale crash for cash gang, whose large fraud against 16 insurers was valued as over £500,000.

In total, 14 individuals were charged with conspiracy to defraud, seven of which pleaded guilty at the start of the trial.

During the trial, Nottingham Crown Court heard that Mohammed Asghar, Dharminder Nagra and Davinder Nagra were targeting innocent members of the public in order to deliberately cause crashes.

The gang would then submit fake claims to insurers for compensation.

The gang centred round Derby Enterprise and TTM Recovery, who were found to be submitting fraudulent personal injury and storage claims for the crashes.

Derby Enterprise, an accident management company linked to Dharminder and Davinder Nagra, was used as a professional enabler to corroborate the fraudulent claims and increase their value.

The fraud came to light when one of the individuals who worked for the gang became aware of the suspicious activity and decided to stage a burglary at the business address to highlight the activity to the Police.

During their investigation of the burglary and search of the property, the Police found evidence linked to insurance fraud and IFB were contacted to support the investigation.

Using its analytical software, IFB connected the gang to 111 claims going back to 2011.

Ben Fletcher, Director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), said: “IFB, alongside the insurance industry and police, are determined to uncover crossindustry insurance fraud and today’s convictions send a clear message.”

Aviva had exposure to five of the fraudulent accidents and assisted Derbyshire Police by providing multiple statements and exhibits linking another six accidents to the gang.

Aviva head of fraud Tom Gardiner added: “This case shows the scale of organised whiplash fraud which has become a national disgrace in the UK – and highlights how important it is that the Government follow through on the personal injury reforms to remove the cash incentive for these frauds.”