Sven Goran Eriksson is not the only one suffering from the sickness absence of key members of his 2006 World Cup squad.
UK employers are steeling themselves for a summer of staff
coming down with the dreaded ‘football fever'.

Four years ago it was estimated that each World Cup game cost UK business a combined loss of £400m and a staggering
five million working days lost through absenteeism, extended lunch breaks and alcohol-impaired performance caused by watching games in the pub.

FirstAssist claims it has the answer to this, by encouraging staff to enjoy the key matches at work, rather than taking a string of sickies.

Dr Les Smith, group medical director for FirstAssist said: “The World Cup offers a good opportunity to make
positive changes by offering staff a chance to come together and watch the key matches at work – even during
working hours.

“And a post-World Cup detox in the form of fruit and herbal teas available at work will place a focus on health and wellbeing once the celebrations are over.”

Move over TV's Dr Hilary Jones.