Trial has draft date in July 

David Ross, Gallagher UK

Lawyers today thrashed out a deal to set a trial date for Towergate’s David Ross and Mark Mugge.

Legal teams agreed a preliminary trial date between 13 and 17 July.

Financial consultant Chris Keey is also included in the trial.

Lawyers for Towergate chief executive David Ross reached agreements with Gallagher lawyers around his post-termination contract restrictions around use of confidential information and not engage in other business that would harm Gallagher’s business interests.

Lawyers for Towergate chief operating officer Mark Mugge reached agreements around restrictions on use of confidential information and prohibition of holding business interests that would harm Gallagher companies.

Keey’s lawyers reached agreement on use of confidential information. But there was no agreement on prohibiting Keey, a financial consultant, from providing consultancy services.

Gallagher International’s former chief financial officer Mark Mugge left Gallagher in February.

A week later Gallagher International’s former chief executive Ross left the broker. He is currently on a year’s notice from Gallagher.

Mugge has also joined Towergate, after joining Sierra Investments Holdings, the investment vehicle currently headed up by incoming Towergate chief executive Ross.

Keey has advised on various mergers and acquisitions undertaken by Gallagher.

It is the second time in a year that Gallagher has taken legal action against former employees.

Last October, Gallagher took legal action against several former Giles staff who were part of a start-up backed by Chris Giles.

The High Court order prevented Jonathan Cook, Jason Mole, Martin Hall and Chris Price from taking any Gallagher staff or clients to their new company, PIB, until May 2015.