Airmic chief to head new risk enterprise

Airmic's executive director David Gamble is stepping down from his position in the summer to set up a new Airmic enterprise.

Gamble will lead a new company, provisionally known as Risk Publishing Online, which aims to promote risk management in the wider business community and will result in Airmic advertising for another executive director.

The new company is looking to build on Prorim, the e-learning risk management course for smaller and medium-sized businesses launched by Airmic and sponsored by the EU.

Airmic revealed that talks have already begun with associations and potential customers in a range of locations, including Russia, India and South Africa.

On his move, Gamble said: "By next summer I will have been at Airmic for nearly 10 years, which is a long time in one job, and I am very excited by this new challenge.

"The feedback from Prorim has been very positive, and we want to give it the push it deserves as part of a wider ambition to promote the risk management values that we represent."

Airmic hope that the other original Prorim partners, including the Federation of European Risk Management Associations and the Institute of Risk Manage-ment will make use of the systems and courses as they are developed.

Airmic chairman Geoff Taylor said: "The association's core job remains the same: to represent and give support to risk managers. But we have always recognised that we have a wider responsibility to promote a risk management culture.

"With these changes, it will be easier for us to take our message to new audiences."