Search company blames human driver for collision, which injured three of its employees

Google driverless cars

Three Google employees have been injured after one of the company’s driverless Lexus cars was involved in a collision with a human-driven vehicle, The Telegraph reports.

The three employees were taken to hospital with minor injuries after a car ran into the back of the driverless Lexus they were in at traffic lights in Mountain View, California.

Google blamed the collision on the human driver of the car that ran into its driverless vehicle.

Google’s driverless car head Chris Urmson said that of the 14 accidents that have occurred in the last six years of testing so far, none of them have been caused by Google’s driverless cars.

Urmson said in a blog post: “Our self-driving cars are being hit surprisingly often by other drivers who are distracted and not paying attention to the road.”

The news comes as the UK government has launched a £20m research and development fund for testing driverless cars.

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