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trainers which direction

Briefing: Insurtech’s ‘stick or pivot’ culture could return for a post-pandemic sequel

By Clare Ruel

Insurtechs have always been agile, but how many more will pivot their operations due to the changing economic environment and consumer demand?

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Julie Tongue SME

Q&A: Allianz removes ‘significant number of referrals and barriers’ to enhance brokers’ eTrading experience

By Savan Shah

Julie Tongue, digital trading manager at Allianz Insurance, shares her perspective on the key insights from Insurance Times’ Five Star Rating Report: ETrading 2022

education, skills, experience, qualifications

The Big Question September 2022: Do brokers need a formal qualification to advise clients?

Following a CII group’s call for action that mandatory qualifications or a minimum number of years’ experience should be introduced in order for brokers to advise clients, industry experts share their opinions…

insurtech (2)

Briefing: What are the top five insurtechs to watch?

By Saxon East

Insurtechs are blossoming to become a crucial part of the insurance ecosystem – but which ones have staying power in today’s climate?

robot, cyber security

Cyber risk rating reports versus threat intelligence - what is ‘the best tool’ to analyse firms’ cyber security?

By Isobel Rafferty

Industry leaders expose problems with cyber vulnerability assessment tools and discuss new ways to get ahead of cyber criminals

meteor shower systemic risks

What does an effective response to the threat of systemic risks look like?

By Yiannis Kotoulas

The public expects ’insurers to lean into the challenges posed’ by systemic risks and work to develop solutions, says ABI’s director of GI policy

stock market

Briefing: Hard times for DLG, Admiral and Sabre – what are the shareholder challenges?

By Saxon East

Claims inflation has hit the motor insurance market hard, but what does this mean for the sector’s largest players and their shareholders?

ethnic minority journalist

Briefing: Journalism still lacks ethnic diversity – just like insurance

By Clare Ruel

The insurance sector must work harder to retain its ’kaleidoscope of talent’ and eliminate ’empty diversity and inclusion pledges’

mind the gap

Briefing: FCA must focus next on customers’ expectation gap following dual pricing ban

By Katie Scott

Consumer group managing director calls expectation gap the ‘number one problem in insurance’, over and above ‘sideshow’ price walking that the FCA has been focused on

Colm Holmes, Aviva

Colm Holmes: ‘Strong relationships’ with brokers is ‘a core part of our strategy’

By Katie Scott

Chief executive believes half-year growth in 2022 secures firm’s status as ‘the number one P&C insurer in the UK’

allianz broker hub simon mcginn

Simon McGinn: Clarifying ‘challenging’ BI wordings could lead to ‘narrowing the cover’

By Katie Scott

Insurers must help brokers carve out more time to have ‘critical’ client conversations around what policies do and do not cover, says commercial lines chief executive

value, quality

MGA Q&A: MGAs need to add value to survive – Renovation Underwriting

By Savan Shah

Renovation Underwriting’s managing director, Douglas Brown, provides an overview of the factors impacting MGAs today and explains what his firm has been up to over the last 12 months

phishing illustration

Software company exposes insurance industry as most vulnerable to phishing following simulated attacks

By Isobel Rafferty

Hackers believe insurance companies are ’highly desirable’ phishing targets because of the data these firms hold, says lead security awareness advocate

talent attraction

Aventum flaunts independent status to attract talent amid consolidation landscape

By Katie Scott

Wholesale broker and parent firm attribute ‘phenomenal growth’ to attracting the right talent and building ‘a really good culture’ based on steering clear of consolidation

computer says no

MGA Q&A: Brokers don’t receive a ‘computer says no’ response from MGAs – Touchstone Underwriting

By Savan Shah

Touchstone Underwriting’s managing director, Alan Roe, provides an overview of the factors impacting MGAs today and explains what his firm has been up to over the last 12 months