Offer of home insurance to flood-hit residents at Whaley Bridge sparks storm and debate on whether agent did wrong

A lettings agent has provoked the anger of local residents after offering insurance to flood-hit residents in Whaley Bridge.

Lettings agent Gascoigne Halman offered tenants content insurance quotes for their belongings shortly before 1,500 residents were evacuated from the town, amid risk the local dam will burst.

Leon Welliver, who lives 300 yards from the dam, hit out at the letter which he posted on Twitter.

”I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

”I felt it was an attempt to make money. I thought it was an insensitive and insulting thing to do.

”It seems like they [Gascoigne Halman] have no concern for my family, my friends and the people of Whaley Bridge and the fact that their lives are in danger.

”But if you make a bit of commission on insurance sales, then terrific.”

Twitter users ploughed in , with Laura Furness, a local letting agent, writing: ”This email is absolutely disgusting and I’m sure your landlord would agree.”

Support for insurance offer

However, the offer split opinions, with some Twitter users saying the agent was doing their job.

One said: ”So they are offering sound advice and trying to help and it’s a disgrace?

”Guess they shouldn’t have said anything and just said after that no belongings are covered.”

Another added: ”Don’t really see what’s wrong – they are letting people know about your insurance stance and offering to help.”

Gascoigne Halman said: ”Following the email we have had over 50 responses from tenants who did not have the appropriate insurance in place, thanking us for drawing their attention to this. ‘We have supported these clients and helped them to insure their household belongings.”