’Analytics and claims bring to life the knowledge we possess about our customers,’ says head of customer experience and insight

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, including advanced analytics, have improved the efficiency and convenience of handling insurance claims for customers.

That was according to Aviva’s head of customer experience and insight Ellie Shepherd, who told Insurance Times that digital technology was a “real positive” because advanced analytics have made the claims process “quicker for customers”.

She explained that advanced analytics, particularly in claims processing, have had a positive impact as it can improve the customer’s experience.

“Analytics and claims bring to life the knowledge we possess about our customers.

“This understanding enables us to simplify processes for customers.

“Claims can often be a source of stress for customers and they’re surprised by our ability to offer a [streamlined process] due to our knowledge about them.”

Richard Sheridan, strategy development director at Sedgwick, added that AI can be employed to streamline the collection of claims information by automating tasks when existing data or external sources are accessible.

“This speeds up the process and avoids customers having to provide us with details we can obtain automatically.”

‘Keep up’

These comments came after Shepherd said that the transition to digital “really changed” during the Covid-19 pandemic in comments made earlier this year (15 June 2023).

For example, it was noted that the pandemic had fast-tracked touchless claims – a claim filed with very little contact from a human via an app – during a roundtable hosted by Future Processing in the same month.

Bill Brower, vice president of industry relations at Solera, explained that prior to the pandemic, consumer adoption for touchless claims was “pretty slow” with a 10% uptake.

However, he said lockdowns made this type of claims processing a necessity.

But, Sheridan argued that, when customers make use of AI for claims, “they must have the option to deal with a person, whether over the phone or by email or chat”.

He added: “Digital isn’t for everyone and some customers find the online experience challenging, so speaking to a claims handler in person must always be an easily accessible option.”