’The way goods and people are being moved is rapidly shifting, which poses new challenges for insurers,’ says executive vice-president

Broker Aon has launched a new platform to help motor fleet operators understand where risk is within their fleet.

Called Fleet Risk Intelligence, the platform will provide insights to fleet operators and drivers through analysis based on datasets.

The platform will also use vehicle telematics, such as GPS, acceleration and speed, as well as real-time weather patterns and contextual road data to build proprietary models.

In turn, Aon hopes its new product will improve operations and reduce accidents and costs.

Curtis Scott, executive vice-president of future mobility and digital economy practice at Aon, said: “The way goods and people are being moved is rapidly shifting, which poses new challenges for insurers in the commercial motor sector.

“One of the things success now hinges on is mastering the art of data-driven strategies and bespoke risk management.

”Aon Fleet Risk Intelligence blends client, carrier and geospatial data to equip businesses with the actionable insights they can leverage to help rein in costs, while focusing on growth and operational performance. It’s a new era of smart decision-making.”


This comes after Aon acquired the technology assets and intellectual property of Humn.AI in March.

The firm produces real-time and data-driven fleet insurance, with its platform providing actionable insights based on driver, vehicle and contextual data to help both traditional and sharing economy fleets.

Aon said its new platform “can help bridge the gap between fleet operations and underwriting, enabling a new era of collaboration between carriers and insureds by leveraging data to drive mutual outcomes”.

James Cowen, chief commercial officer at Aon Growth Ventures (future mobility), said: “The challenges faced by fleet operators and insurers are closely intertwined. By equipping both parties with the necessary tools to utilise mobility data most effectively, we can significantly improve risk profiles and, most importantly, reduce accidents.

“For insurers, Aon Fleet Risk Intelligence enhances their understanding of fleet risk profiles, allowing them to offer pricing with greater confidence.

“Initially developed and launched in the UK, this represents a significant milestone for the British motor-tech sector, positioning Aon and the UK at the forefront of industry innovation and critical transformation.”